Vitamin and mineral status


Vitamin and mineral status checks are done using a Vitastiq device that monitors and reads the degree, or level, of 30 vitamins and minerals in the body. The results obtained with this device help to come up with an overall plan for boosting immunity, that is, preventing disease and various ailments, all with the help of various herbal supplements. However, it is important to remember that we also contribute to the natural balance of the body by what we bring into it through food and, with herbal supplements, it is important to establish a balanced diet.

The Vitastiq concept is based on two components, which are at first glance incompatible: the first component is ancient knowledge, while the second is smart technology. The method used by Vitastiq is called electro-acupuncture (EAV), started by Dr. Reinhard Vollu, and it involves increased conductivity and reduced resistance at acupuncture points. Professional devices using the EAV method have been used in complementary medicine clinics and pharmacies for decades, and users of the EAV method have been very pleased to use it!

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