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History & features

Treatment with plants was the first form of medicine, and for a long time the only one known to mankind. The names phytotherapy and phytotherapeutics (phytotherapeutic preparations) were introduced by the French physician Henri Leclerc, while the refinement of many processes by which essential oil has been extracted from the plant material is usually attributed to the Persian physician and philosopher Avicena. Today, modern phytotherapy is classified as a scientific medicine that forms the basis of prevention and assistance in the treatment of various diseases or disorders. Scientific disciplines that examine the composition and pharmacological justification of use of  medicinal herbs often favor herbal preparations over chemical preparations.        

Contemporary phytotherapy

Contemporary phytotherapy is not an “alternative medicine”, but a part of scientific medicine and is a basic prevention and aid in the treatment of various disorders / diseases. When performing phytotherapy, we must be patient because the effect and therefore the results are slow. We cannot cure everything with medicinal herbs , but with it, we enter very valuable substances  into the body (essential oils, vitamins, natural antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals, enzymes…), and strengthen it and make it more resistant, improve metabolic processes; remove harmful substances from the body.    


In order to help you in combat with your health problems, you can find services of personal phytotherapy counseling in our offer. 


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Vitamin and mineral status

Vitamin and mineral status checks are done using a Vitastiq device that monitors and reads the degree, or level, of 30 vitamins and minerals in the body.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a branch of phytotherapy that aims to improve health and prevent disease. The emphasis is on strengthening the immune system and finding the cause of the problem, and how to resolve it. In the practice of aromatherapy, natural herbal extracts such as essential oils, hydrolysates and vegetable oils are used to heal the body, mind and spirit. The use of these extracts promotes the harmonization of emotional, physical and spiritual health. Natural herbal extracts can be used in various ways: inhalatory, dermal, oral, rectal and vaginal. The internal use of aromatherapy in this way is advised only by an experienced and qualified aromatherapist (!!!) and specifically by the use of products professionally formulated for internal use (eg capsules or mixtures containing non-diluted essential oils).         

History of aromatherapy

The ancient Egyptians appreciated the scent in many forms – in cosmetic preparations, for medicinal purposes, and as part of their religious practice. The ancient Romans perceived the scent as a status symbol, and a good part of Roman high society was known for using common herbs such as lavender and rose. In daily life, the Romans helped to spread the knowledge of aromatic plants throughout the Roman Empire to places such as Great Britain, which led to the widespread use of aromatic plants throughout medieval Europe. 

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