To help you in combat with your health problems, you can also find services of personal phytotherapy counseling in our offer. This form of counseling is designed to help you combat your health problems and make them easier, and all help comes naturally with ready-made phytotherapy preparations. In phytotherapy counseling, we provide you help through the healing properties of essential and vegetable oils, hydrolates, and through herbal extracts and preparations, such as teas and tinctures, whose beneficial effects affect the entire organism. If you want to balance, calm and rejuvenate body and mind through individual approach and personal counseling, contact us! 

About us

Meet Davor Medaric, Phytotherapist and Aromatherapist

Davor Medarić is a phytotherapist and aromatherapist who provides education in the fields of phytotherapy and aromatherapy through workshops and seminars and individual counseling. He approaches each client individually and uses a holistic approach to treatment. In order to broaden and connect his knowledge, he educated himself further and is a certified masseur (sports, medical, anti-cellulite, raindrop-vitaflex massage and hot stone massage) and holds certificates for conducting autogenous training and progressive muscle relaxation. In addition, he is also a wellness therapist, life coach for health and nutrition, and is a NLP master practitioner. For many years he has been actively studying aromatherapy, the impact of essential oils on the body and mind, and the production and use of natural face and body skin care products as well as cleansing products. If you want to try herbal therapy and natural remedies treatment, Davor will help you find the right treatment for you with his expert guidance and training and will be a constant support in your healing process! If you would like to become more familiar with phytotherapy and aromatherapy or to evaluate whether this is the right approach for you, we invite you to join our workshops and trainings.          

Client approach

Each client is approached individually, professionally and holistically. This approach takes into account the client’s needs, both biological and psychological, and the client becomes an active participant in the healing process. This approach has also shown positive effects on preventing the occurrence of old as well as new problems.   

Our goal

The individual approach to each client is intended to create a foundation in the field of phytotherapy and aromatherapy. Clients will,  through workshops where they make simple preparations themselves, also gain insight into the many personal benefits these branches of complementary medicine provide.

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