What is phytotherapy?

Phytotherapy is a method of treating, alleviating and preventing diseases and problems by using whole medicinal plants or their parts (flowers, leaves, roots, etc.) and using ingredients (essential oils, extracts and other isolates) as well as finished preparations (teas, tinctures, ointments, capsules). Phytotherapy covers not only plants in a broad sense, but also fungi and algae, and such classification has a very long historical tradition. It is the first form of medicine known to man. For centuries, it has been the only way to treat and alleviate pain, and with experiential knowledge, knowledge has been passed on to new generations in the form of folk medicine or alternative medicine, separate from conventional pharmaceutical treatment.

Our goal

The individual approach to each client is intended to create a foundation in the field of phytotherapy and aromatherapy. Clients will, through workshops where they make simple preparations themselves, also gain insight into the many personal benefits these branches of complementary medicine provide.

Client approach

Each client is approached individually, professionally and holistically. This approach takes into account the client’s needs, both biological and psychological, and the client becomes an active participant in the healing process. This approach has also shown positive effects on preventing the occurrence of old as well as new problems.

Frequently asked questions

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Yes – if properly applied. Medicinal herbs have a powerful effect on the human body. Consisting of thousands of medicinal ingredients, herbs can selectively act on multiple body systems, while acting synergistically with the body, on the principles of a holistic approach to healing. If you follow the instructions of a qualified phytotherapist, there are no side effects.
How is phytotherapy different from modern medicaments?

When using herbs as a medicine, you use the whole plant (root, flower, leaf, rhizome, etc.), which consists of a multitude of medicinal ingredients and they can affect many ways in the body. Pharmaceutical products are manufactured to contain one specific compound. Although medications are often targeted at one particular health problem or ailment, they affect multiple body systems – so we see adverse side effects. Herbal remedies are not designed to treat a specific disease (eg arthritis), but when combined in a customized form, they can be incredibly effective in treating and alleviating various ailments. Unlike medicines, herbal remedies do not have extensive side effects.


Since phytotherapy is a completely natural and organic way of healing, we may not get the desired “quick” results. The healing process is gradual, multi-layered and holistic. The outcome of phytotherapy will greatly depend on the nature and degree of the health problem, the life factors and the individual response of the organism to therapy.


Essential oils, when used as indicated, can be safely used by even children and pets. But they should never be swallowed or applied directly to the skin and around the eyes. Some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy or in people with asthma, epilepsy or other medical conditions.


The effectiveness of herbal preparations is directly related to the appropriate dosage, frequency and choice of herbs. For this reason, it is important to work in partnership with a client to obtain the appropriate information to help us choose herbal preparations. The main reason you hear that herbs are not working is an inappropriate dosage or use the wrong herb.


It can be very dangerous to abruptly discontinue medication and it is very difficult to choose an acceptable treatment alternative. We always advise clients to discuss with their doctor, who prescribes any changes to their medicines, about the options of combining them with phytotherapy. We often come across clients who want to reduce their medication use – we support them, but safety is paramount.


Although aromatherapy cannot be used as a substitute for conventional medicines, many users have reported positive effects on the whole organism after administration of essential oils. When used under proper guidance, essential oils can supplement medical treatment and in some cases even speed up the healing process.


Essential oils are known to have a profound effect on the mind and body. Some oils can have a relaxing effect, while others are energizing and stimulating. Some can detoxify the body, while others can help restore hormonal balance. Essential oils can be used in your daily routine to help you feel fresh, cheerful, energetic and rested.

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